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$140 million

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About Denzel Washington

One of the most powerful and influential people in the entertainment business Denzel Washington net worth has been estimated to reach 140 million dollars. In addition, Denzel Washington has been reported to get 40 million dollars as his annual salary which increases Denzel Washington net worth a lot. The main sources of his net worth include acting, film producing, directing and screen writing.
Denzel Washington was born in metro area in New York. He was born to his mother who worked in a beauty salon and his father who was a Pentecostal minister. Thus, his family was not involved into entertainment business. After finishing high school, Denzel Washington enrolled into Fordham University where he received his BA degree. Moreover, he got a scholarship to continue his studies at American Conservatory Theater which is established in San Francisco. However, after one year of studies there Denzel Washington came back to New York. There he sought to get minor roles in films and theater productions.

Also, Denzel Washington got a role in the drama called “St. Elsewhere” which is regarded as a very successful medical drama. His appearance in it increased Denzel Washington net worth a lot. He appeared in the TV series till its last season in 1988. Also, in 1988 Denzel Washington was nominated to get an Oscar in the category of the Best Supporting Actor because of his role in the film “Cry Freedom”. Moreover, in 1989 Denzel Washington won an Oscar in the same category for his appearance in the movie called “Glory”. Thus, he kept on receiving more and more awards and accomplished a lot.
In 1992, Denzel Washington was nominated in the category of the Best Actor which he received because of his performance in the movie “Malcolm X”. In 1999 the actor won the Golden Globe award for his role in the film called “The Hurricane”. In 1999 he also finally received his award for the Best Actor because of the role he portrayed in the move “Training Day”. In addition, he became the second African American male actor to receive such an award.
In the same year Denzel Washington appeared in a Disney production called “Remember the Titans” which grossed over 100 million dollars in the box office and increased Denzel Washington net worth by a mile. In 2002 he started directing films and successfully continues to do so, which also increases his net worth a lot.


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