Net Worth:
$40 million

About David Lee Roth

It has been announced that David Lee Roth net worth reaches 40 million dollars. He is mostly known as a songwriter, author and actor which are the main careers adding a lot of financial success to the overall amount of David Lee Roth net worth. He is mostly known as a member in the rock band called “Van Halen” which brought quite a lot of dollars to his net worth.
When he was only a child, David Lee Roth started to get interested in music. He used to attend his uncle’s bar where stars such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan performed in 1960s. In 1973 he started his professional music career when he joined the band formed by Van Halen brothers which was called “Mammoth”. Later, the band had to rename its title because it was already a band called ‘Mammoth”. Therefore, the group decided to change its name to “Van Halen” after its members Alex and Eddie Van Halen.

Involvement in the band increased the overall amount of David Lee Roth net worth. In 1978 the band’s debut album was released and it increased their popularity, as well. “Van Halen” was also known because of portraying their behind the scenes bits and because of their original showmanship. During six years since the beginning of the band, “Van Halen” released five albums which increased its popularity and made members of it famous all around the world. By the year 1983 the announcements were released that for playing one set in a festival the band was paid approximately 1.5 million dollars which also increased David Lee Roth net worth a lot.
In 1985, David Lee Roth began a solo career with releasing his debut solo album which included his famous single called “California Girls”. Seeing how much success he was getting as a solo singer, David Lee Roth left “Van Halen”. He continued releasing his albums “Eat’em and Smile” and “Skyscraper”. The latter album included the single called “Just Like Paradise” which received international success and added a lot of financial success to his net worth.
After releasing two more albums, David Lee Roth stopped his career as a solo singer and became EMT in the late 1990s. Also, David Lee Roth rejoined “Van Halen” in order to record the album called “Best of Volume 1”. However, their reuniting proved to be unsuccessful and David Lee Roth left the band again.

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