Net Worth:
$225 million

About Dave Grohl

One of the most popular musicians who is known internationally Dave Grohl net worth has been estimated to reach 225 million dollars.

Dave Grohl was raised in the region of Washington D.C. where he started to play guitar at a very young age. Moreover, his passion for music grew even bigger when his cousin took little Dave Grohl to various concerts of punk rock music genres. Thus, from that moment Dave Grohl knew that he wanted to be a musician of punk rock music which today accumulates Dave Grohl net worth.
When he was studying in high school, he continued to practice playing guitar and also played in various local bands. When he was seventeen years old, Dave Grohl became a member of his first important band which was called “Scream”. For four years he was playing in the band and eventually the members of “Scream” decided to go their own ways.
After that Dave Grohl was invited by his friend to audition for a newly formed band which was “Nirvana”. However, Dave Grohl style of drumming did not suit the band’s needs and instead, Dave Grohl started to write his own songs and decided to begin a career of a solo artist. F
urthermore, Dave Grohl appeared as a guest on quite a few bands such as “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” and “Pearl Jam”. Finally, Dave Grohl was signed with Capitol Records. He and people from Capitol Records started looking for other members which would form the band today known as “Foo Fighters” which is the main source of Dave Grohl net worth today.
Till now, Dave Grohl and “Foo Fighters” have released 6 albums. Also, the band has won 6 Grammy awards which shows how much they have accomplished in the music business so far. In addition to being a member in one of the most popular bands, Dave Grohl has also contributed with many other artists such as Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and Queens of a Stone Age.
Also, Dave Grohl has been active in cinema industry. He is known as a film producer which is another source of Dave Grohl net worth. In addition to being a member of “Foo Fighters”, Dave Grohl is a founder and one of the members in another group called “Them Crooked Vultures”. Thus, Dave Grohl is involved in many different spheres in entertainment industry and it makes him more famous all around the world.

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