Net Worth:
$15 million

About Danny McBride

It has been stated that the overall amount of Danny McBride net worth is 15 million dollars. However, there are also some sources which have estimated his net worth to be higher and stated that it reaches 25 million dollars which makes him one of the most financially successful people in Hollywood, too. Danny McBride has earned his net worth through his career as a movie and television production writer, producer and director.

He was born in 1976 in Statesboro, Georgia. However, he grew up in Virginia. In 2009, he got a role which made him mostly famous, that being in the TV series called “Eastbound and Down” on the HBO network. Thus, the show made his name very famous and also added up to the overall estimate of Danny McBride net worth. In this show, he was chosen for a role of Kenny Powers, who is a former baseball player who feels desperate that he has to work in a school because his career in sports is over. Before he became such a well known person in cinema world, Danny McBride was attending North Carolina School of the Arts.

After that, he moved to Los Angeles, where he intended to begin his career as an actor. In 2003 he was chosen to appear in the film called “All the Girls”. However, after this role, he failed to get any major parts in productions. In 2006, Danny McBride got involved into more activities, as he became a producer, director and writer. As such, he has worked on the film called “The Foot Fist Way” which was created on a low budget. In this film, Danny McBride also acted. He created his film together with his friends. In Hollywood, the film became a success in the underground scene.

Since that time, he has worked on many other productions, such as “Hot Rod”, “The Pineapple Express”, “The Heartbreak Kid”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Superbad” and “This is the End”. These productions not only made him more famous, but also added up to the overall size of Danny McBride net worth.

However, today he is mostly known from the TV screens where he is appearing on the show called “Eastbound & Down”. It has also been claimed that for one episode of the show he is receiving as much as 100 thousand dollars. Thus, the show is an important source of Danny McBride net worth.

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