Net Worth:
$9 million

About Daniel Gibson

It has been stated that the overall amount of Daniel Gibson net worth reaches an estimate of 9 million dollars. Daniel Gibson is known as a basketball player which is the main source of his net worth. Currently, Daniel Gibson is known to be playing for the team of the Cleveland Cavaliers which is playing in the NBA.
In addition, he is also known as a ‘Boobie’ in the basketball world. This nickname was given to him when Daniel Gibson was only a kid. Daniel Gibson started playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006. In the same year, he was drafted in the second round and has never left the team. It is also the most important source of Daniel Gibson net worth.

Daniel Gibson was also a very good student. In high school, he graduated in the 6th position out of 212 students. Moreover, he was elected to belong to the National Honors Society which was a huge achievement for him. When he enrolled into the University of Texas, Daniel Gibson was also a player in its basketball team where he played in a position of a guard. He played in the Longhorns team for two seasons and achieved a lot. Daniel Gibson scored almost 1000 points, 175 out of them were three-point field goals. During the season of 2005-2006, Daniel Gibson scored 101 three points. The Associated Press even named Daniel Gibson as the Honorable Mention All-America which happened in Daniel Gibson’s sophomore year.
When he was studying at high school, Daniel Gibson set a school record with scoring 101 three pointers. In addition, he was a nominee to get the Bob Cousy Award which is given to a basketball player who scores the most points in being a guard. Therefore, with scoring many of them, this is no surprise that he is regarded one of the best guards in basketball which brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Daniel Gibson net worth, as well.
In the end of his first season, Daniel Gibson was named Big 12 Freshman of the Year. In addition, he became the first basketball player who led his high school basketball team into scoring. In 2006, the announcements were released that Daniel Gibson was quitting his college team and entering the NBA. In the same year he became the 42nd pick in the NBA Draft of his current team the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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