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$18 million

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About Danica Patrick

It has been announced that Danica Patrick net worth reaches 18 million dollars. She is known as a racecar driver, athlete and also a spokesperson which all add financial success to the overall amount of Danica Patrick net worth. In addition, she is known as a successful model. Danica Patrick is regarded as the most successful female driver of all time in the open-wheel racing in the United States. She is also the only female who has won Indycar series.
In addition, in the Indianapolis 500 racing, she finished 3rd which made her the only female to reach such as high position. Also, it was the highest position for Danica Patrick which she has ever reached till that time. Therefore, it is no wonder that racing is one of the most important sources of Danica Patrick net worth which bring huge financial success to her.

She has been a regular racer in the Indianapolis racing between the years 2005-2011. Currently, Danica Patrick is known to be racing in the NASCAR series.
She started her career in racing as most of the drivers – in kart. Later, she moved to Formula Ford racing in England, but only for a short amount of time. Danica Patrick moved to the United States, where she entered Indycar series.
In 2005, Danica Patrick got a title of the Rookie of the Year in both Indycar series and Indianapolis 2005. In 2008, the racer became the winner of the Indy Japan 300, which made her the first female driver to accomplish such title. Talking about her involvement into Indycar racing, Danica Patrick was driving for Rahal Letterman between the years 2005-2006 and for Andretti Autosport for 4 years, 2007-2011. In 2010, she made her debut in the NASCAR racing.
Danica Patrick was born in Wisconsin. From her mother’s side, she is of Norwegian descent. Her parents met in snowmobile racing because both of them were interested in it, as well as their daughter got interested into cars and racing. The family liked to drive snowmobiles, midget cars and motocross. When she was attending high school in Illinois, Danica Patrick was also involved into cheerleading. When she was not racing, she babysat few kids who were living in her neighborhood. It helped her to earn money for her own expenses.
However, Danica Patrick did not show a lot of interest in school activities and dropped out of school. She also gained a GED. Nevertheless, she became involved into driving cars a lot, which is the most important source of Danica Patrick net worth.


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