Net Worth:
$150 million

About Dana White

Dana White net worth has been reported to be around 150 million dollars. In addition to his high net worth, it has been announced that Dana White receives 5 million dollars as his annual salary. To the public, he is mostly known as the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Also, Dana White is the organizer of mixed martial arts which increases Dana White net worth, as well.

Born in 1969 in Manchester, Connecticut, the mixed arts martial spent a huge part of his youth years moving between Maine and Las Vegas. He has been involved into sports for a long time and he is known as one of the most loyal fans of the baseball team called Boston Red Sox. He even decided to attend Boston University, however he dropped out of it before even finishing his studies. When he was still studying there, Dana White opened a box club for children at risk in the inner region of the city. In order to get money, Dana White become an instructor and taught aerobics.
In 1992, the star started getting involved into business ventures. In this year, he founded Dana White Enterprises which was based in Las Vegas. In addition, at the same time he started managing other sportsman including Tito Ortiz and Chuck Lidell.
Soon after the news reached Dana White that the UFC is being sold by the company called Semaphore Entertainment Group. He soon realized the advantage of owning UFC and made a deal of buying the company. However, he could not have done it all by himself, so two other people were involved in the deal as well, one of them being Lorenzo Fertita who was Dana White’s childhood friend and also worked as an executive at the Station Casino, and another one was Lorenzo Fertita’s brother named Frank. In a while, Dana White was appointed to become a president of the company.
Before the new owners, UFC was seen as a negative company associated with barbarians and illegal involvements. However, with the new owners including Dana White the company’s image in the country started to get more positive and it became a national phenomenon known to everybody in the United States.
Owning UFC increased Dana White net worth a lot. Thus, in addition to organizing martial arts competitions and serving as the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White is also successful in his business ventures, which can be seen in his owning of the UFC.

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