Net Worth:
$2 million

About Damon Dash

It has been reported that Damon Dash net worth has an estimate of minus 2 million dollars. Damon Dash is well known in the cinema industry. He is a film director and producer and also an actor. In addition, he is a successful businessperson and entrepreneur which increase the overall amount of Damon Dash net worth.

Born in 1971, Damon Dash is also involved into music industry. He is a record producer and the co-owner of the company “Roc-A-Fella Records” which he established together with Jay-Z who is a huge star in the music industry as well.

Damon Dash grew up in Harlem neighborhood in New York area where he was a huge hip hop star. He was so popular that at one point in his life Damon Dash net worth had an estimate of 50 million dollars. However, today he owes around 2 million dollars because of unpaid taxes.

When he was a teenager, Damon Dash attended quite a few private schools and in his early years he knew what he wanted to do for living. His becoming involved into producing records led him to become a famous person in the entertainment industry and get involved into other activities as well.

In addition to his various activities, Damon Dash is also a star in the fashion industry. He has his two clothing lines, Rocawear and Hip-Hop line. Thus, fashion business is another area which increases Damon Dash net worth a lot.
Because of his huge success in business, Damon Dash decided to get involved into other spheres such as film producing and directing. His film production company released quite a few movies which became successful worldwide. Such movies include “The Woodsman” in which Kevin Bacon stars and “Paid in Full” which features Mekhi Phifer. He is also known as an actor. However, primarily he is involved in making films and not appearing in them.

Recently it has been announced that the businessman is working on a release of his new clothing line which is going to be called CEO Clothing.

Once being a successful businessperson and entertainer, today Damon Dash is broke because of risky and unfortunately unsuccessful business ventures and many lawsuits. Because of it, Damon Dash has been reported to have his Tribeca loft foreclosed which is worth around 8 million dollars. Thus, once having a net worth of 50 million dollars, today Damon Dash net worth is minus 2 million dollars.

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