Net Worth:
$150 million

About Courtney Love

It has been announced that Courtney Love net worth has an estimate of 150 million dollars. The main sources of her net worth are being involved into music and acting industries. The star was born in San Francisco, California, and her real birth name is Courtney Michelle Harrison. In addition, Courtney Love is credited with being one of the most prominent people in the entertainment industry. Courtney Love is the founder of the band called “Hole”.
Moreover, Courtney Love is also known because of her family relations. She is known to be married to Kurt Cobain who is a lead singer in the band called “Nirvana”. Together with Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love has a daughter named Francis Bean who was born in 1992. The couple was quite notorious because of their usage of drugs, especially heroin. Two years after the birth of their daughter, Courtney Love’s husband and daughter’s father passed away.

Soon after his death, “Hole” released a very successful album called “Live Through This” which increased Courtney Love net worth a lot. The album also got a title of being platinum. In addition, it has been stated that because of the success of the album and also the death of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love became a more known singer.
Moreover, after Kurt Cobain passed away, Courtney Love inherited the ownership of his band “Nirvana” which was claimed to be one of the sources which added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Courtney Love net worth. The singer was said to inherit her husband’s publishing and writing rights which both added were worth around 245 million dollars. In addition, Courtney Love owns a huge collection of Kurt Cobain’s things such as clothing, musical instruments and notes which all are worth around 120 million dollars.
In 2009, the news were released that Courtney Love stated that she lost all the money from her husband’s real estate because they were stolen and because of the bad financial advisors she hired. It was stated that the star lost around 500 million dollars in real estate and 30 million dollars in cash.
Talking more about her acting career which today is one of the main sources of Courtney Love net worth, she appeared in a movie called “The People Vs. Larry Flynt” where she portrayed a role of Althea who was a wife of Larry Flynt. Because of this role, Courtney Love was nominated to get a Golden Globe award.

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