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$75 million

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About Conan O’brien

It has been announced that Conan O’brien net worth has an estimate of 75 million dollars. He is also said to get 10 million dollars as his annual salary. Conan O’Brien is known as a TV personality, actor, comedian, producer, writer and performer.
Moreover, he is known as a TV host of the show called “Conan” which is broadcasted on the TBS channel and increases Conan O’brien net worth a lot. In addition, he is known as a TV host of many other TV shows such as “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” which is aired on the NBC channel and “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”, although in the latter one he appeared for a very short time.

After he finished high school, Conan O’Brien enrolled to study in Harvard University. There, he was one of the most active students and he was even the president of the Harvard Lampoon magazine for which he also was writing articles. In addition to that, Conan O’Brien was usually appearing with different improvisation groups such as “The Groundlings”.
Later, Conan O’Brien started writing for the TV show called “Saturday Night Live”. In addition, he is also a writer for the animated TV show “The Simpsons”. In addition, he is also a producer of it. Thus, writing for various shows adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Conan O’brien net worth. In addition, he made some regular appearances in the sketches of SNL.

Conan O’Brien became very notorious when he left the network because of his TV show was moved half an hour later. It was done in order to help Leno to have half an hour slot because of the failure of his primetime TV show. Conan O’Brien claimed that such an action would damage the talk show’s viewership and instead of looking for a compromise, he left the TV show and the network.
He moved to TBS where he got his own talk show called “Conan” which started to be broadcasted in 2010.

Born in Massachusetts, Conan O’Brien was raised as a Irish Catholic. One of his first jobs as a writer was for the comedy series called “Not Necessarily the News” which gained him a lot of experience in his later jobs as a writer. Before he got a job in “Saturday Night Live” Conan O’Brien wrote some sketches for minor humor TV series which also was a great practice for the writer. Today, writing for various shows is one of the most important sources for Conan O’brien net worth.


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