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Chris Tucker net worth has been claimed to be in a negative of 11.5 million dollars. Such a sum of money has accumulated due to unpaid taxes and other financial issues. Chris Tucker is known to the public as an actor and comedian which are the main sources of Chris Tucker net worth.

Born in 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia, Chris Tucker became known to the public when he first appeared and performed on “Def Comedy Jam”. However, the bigger roles in cinema industry he got during middle 90s when he got the roles in the movies such as “The Fifth Element”, “Friday” and “House Party 3” which all increased the overall amount of Chris Tucker net worth.
Moreover, it has been stated that the film which made him a household name and increased his net worth eve more was the “Rush Hour” trilogy in which he appeared side by side with Jackie Chan. The first part of the movie became a huge success and because of that Chris Tucker asked and got a sum of 20 million dollars so that he would appear in the second part of the film. After he received this huge sum of money, the actor went on to negotiate for a 40 million dollars worth two movie contract with New Line Cinema group. 25 million dollars out of those 40 million dollars were planned to be his payment for the third part of the movie “Rush Hour 3”. The movie grossed a lot both nationally and internationally and 20 percent of the sum was given to Chris Tucker. Thus, combined his payment and the part of the gross made him the highest paid actor in the cinema industry at that time.
However, although it seems that his acting career is splendid and he receives quite a lot of money because of his appearances, Chris Tucker financial situation has not been so successful in the past couple of years. It has been announced that Chris Tucker will be forced to close his mansion in Florida. Moreover, he owes 11 million dollars in taxes which he did not pay during the years 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005.
The mortgage of his mansion in Florida has been stated to be worth around 4.5 million dollars. However, Chris Tucker has confessed that as of right now he does not have enough money to pay back for the taxes. Therefore, although it seems that his acting career could have increased Chris Tucker net worth a lot, the actor is unable to do financial commitments.


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