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$18 million

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About Cheryl Cole

One of the most popular British singers Cheryl Cole net worth has been estimated to reach almost 18 million dollars. In addition to being a singer, Cheryl Cole is also known as a song writer, dancer, TV personality and model which all add financial success to the overall amount of Cheryl Cole net worth. Cheryl Cole is mostly known as a pop and RnB singer.
She became a known star in 2002. It was the year when she participated in the ITV show called “Popstars: The Rivals”. In the TV show it was announced that Cheryl Cole became a member in the band called “Girls Aloud” which added a lot of success and fame to the singer. The band has released ten singles which all landed in the Top 10 in various European charts. Two of the singles even landed in the 1st place.

Between the years 2005-2010, Cheryl Cole was a nominee to get 5 BRIT awards. In 2009, the band “Girls Aloud” was the winner in the category of the Best Single which was given to them because of the release of their single “The Promise”. In the same year, the band made official announcements that they were going to take a break from the music.
However, Cheryl Cole did not want to stop and started her successful career as a solo singer which is one of the most important sources of Cheryl Cole net worth today. In 2009, her first album was released which was called “3 Words”. One year later, her second album was released called “Messy Little Raindrops”. She has two singles which reached number 1 positions, one of them being an international hit “Fight For This Love” and another being “Promise This”. The sales of them increased Cheryl Cole net worth a lot. In 2012, her third music album was released entitled “A Million Lights”. In the summer of the same year, her subsequent single was released called “Call My Name”.
During her career as a solo singer, Cheryl Cole became a known style figure as well. Her pictures have been published in various magazines such as “Elle”, “Harper’s Bazaar” and “British Vogue”. She also got a chance to be the face of the “L’Oreal” cosmetics company. Between the years 2006-2010, she was also known as a wife of Ashley Cole, who is a football player. In 2008 she became a prominent TV personality when she was chosen to be one of the judges in the TV show called “The X Factor”.


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