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About Channing Tatum

It has been claimed that Channing Tatum net worth has an estimate of 14 million dollars which makes him one of the richest actors in addition to his huge international success.

Channing Tatum is not only an actor, he is also known as a film producer

and a model which bring additional incomes to the overall amount of Channing Tatum net worth.

Born in 1980, Channing Tatum is also a dancer and this skill of him was best shown in the movie called “Step Up” which was released in 2006.

In addition, he is also known from the movies such as “21 Jump Street”

and “The Vow” which became a huge success and added a lot of financial success to the actor.

In the beginning of his career, Channing Tatum was mostly known for his
dramatic roles, for example in the movies called “The Vow” and “Dear John”. Later the actor started getting more comedic roles.

distraction for him at school were girls who always tried to get his attention.

When he graduated in 1998 he was voted to be the most athletic guy at his school.

After graduation, Channing Tatum enrolled into Glenville State College where he studied under the football scholarship.

However, he quitted attending it eventually. After quitting it, he returned to his parents home

and started working in odd jobs in order not to weasel money out of his parents.

At this time, it has been reported that he started working as a strip dancer in a local club called “Chan Crawford”.

In one of his interviews, he even told that he is willing to make a movie about his experience while dancing in strip club

and stated that he has a producer who is willing to do it.

Later Channing Tatum moved to live to Miami. There, he was noticed by a local talent model scout who promoted him

and modeling became one of the major sources of Channing Tatum net worth. For more information please visit thenetworth


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