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$50 million

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About Chad Kroeger

It has been stated that Chad Kroeger net worth reaches 50 million dollars. He is known as a musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer and entrepreneur. All these careers are the main sources of Chad Kroeger net worth. He is mostly known as a member of the rock band called “Nickelback” from Canada.
In addition to performing together with the band, Chad Kroeger is also known as an artist who collaborated with a lot of other musicians. He has been working with other artists in song writing and producing. In addition, Chad Kroeger has written several songs for soundtracks, as well. These collaborations also increased the overall amount of Chad Kroeger net worth.

When the musician was only 13 years old, he started learn how to play guitar. In 1990, he became a member of a band which played cover songs. In the band, he was joined by other members from his current band “Nickelback”, Ryan Peake and Mike Kroeger. Soon after the cover band decided to break, “Nickelback” was formed.
In 2002, Chad Kroeger got involved with establishing a record label called ‘604 Records’. He has produced songs for other artists, as well, including “Theory of Deadman”, “Bo Bice” and “Default”. In 2002, the legendary film “Spider Man” was released and the theme song of it features the voice of Chad Kroeger amongst other artists, as well.
One of the many collaborations with other artists include working with Travis Tritt. Chad Kroeger recorded a song “Should’ve Listened” with Travis Tritt which was in the “Nickelback” album “The Long Road”. The recorded song with Travis Tritt was featured in his album called “The Storm”. Chad Kroeger has also been involved in working with Bo Bice. He wrote his song “You’re Everything” in which he also played the guitar. Therefore, in addition to performing with “Nickelback”, Chad Kroeger has also been involved in working with other stars.
Talking more about his collaborations, Chad Kroeger has recorded a song with Timbaland which is called “Tomorrow in the Bottle” which is featured in Timbaland’s album “Shock Value 2”. In addition, it has been reported that Chad Kroeger has collaborated with a popular singer Avril Lavigne in recording her fifth music album. Therefore, collaborations play a huge and important part in accumulating Chad Kroeger net worth. Other artists with whom Chad Kroeger has worked include Santana, Tim McGraw and Daughtry. In addition to collaborations, Chad Kroeger still finds time to be a lead man for the “Nickelback”.


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