Net Worth:
$60 million

About Carmelo Anthony

It has been stated that Carmelo Anthony net worth reaches around 60 million dollars. In addition, his yearly salary has been reported to be almost 20 million dollars. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Carmelo Anthony is known as a professional basketball player. He was so successful in his first nine years in the NBA league that his salary alone was estimated to reach 94 million dollars. The biggest salary he has received is considered to be between the years 2011-2012, when he got around 20 million dollars per month.

At that time, he played for New York Knicks team of the National Basketball Association, which increased Carmelo Anthony net worth a lot. After he played for one season in the team of Syracuse, he was drafted by Denver Nuggets. In the latter team, Carmelo Anthony played for his first seven seasons of his basketball career. During the one season that he has played for Syracuse, he led the team to win the title of NCAA Championship when defeating the University of Kansas basketball team.

Talking about his accomplishments, Carmelo Anthony has been ranked as a NBA All-Star five times. Moreover, the basketball player played in the Olympics in 2004, 2008 and 2012 for the United States national basketball team, which also added to the overall amount of Carmelo Anthony net worth. His salary, which reaches 20 million dollars, is also increased by his many endorsement deals. From endorsement deals, Carmelo Anthony has been said to get 6 million dollars. He has singed a contract with the New York Knicks basketball team, which is worth 80 million dollars over 5 years. Carmelo Anthony was born in 1984 in Brooklyn, New York. The basketball player whose full name is Carmelo Kyam Anthony is married to Alani Vasquez.

In 2003, when Carmelo Anthony was chosen to play for Denver Nuggets, one of the most popular basketball stars LeBron James was the first pick and Darco Milicic was the second pick. So, being the third pick, Carmelo Anthony was more than happy standing next to such huge basketball stars. His debut the winning against San Antonio Spurs team in 1993, which mainly set the base for the overall and today’s amount of the Carmelo Anthony net worth. A lot of different basketball teams are still interested into signing a contract with the player. Such teams include Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and New Jersey Nets.

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