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About Carlos Slim

According to the data published by Forbes magazine in 2011 which makes the list of billionaires of the year, Carlos Slim net worth has an estimate of 74 billion dollars, which makes him in the top of the richest people in the world. His main source of wealth is the company “Telecom” which also includes “Telmex” and “Group Carso”. These companies bring millions of dollars to the overall amount of Carlos Slim net worth. Born in Mexico, Carlos Slim is a member of various donation companies and has donated around 4 million dollars to different charities.

The billionaire is known to the public as a very successful business magnate from Mexico and a philanthropist. Some sources even state that today Carlos Slim is the richest and the wealthiest person not only in the United States, but in all the world. Moreover, he holds that position for the second year in a row. Carlos Slim is also known for his opinion that he believes that it would be much better if people created more jobs and more available job positions that charities and donation groups.

However, it is also known publicly that Carlos Slim has donated over 2 billion dollars to his charity called “Carlos Slim Foundation” (“Fundacion Carlos Slim Helu”) in 2006. Furthermore, in 2010 it has been stated that he donated another 2 billion dollars to his charity. Thus, although the billionaire states that job positions would be better, he is still supporting people who are not that lucky as he is. Most of the programs of his own charity are taking consideration and giving a lot of attention to raising education and health levels. A gift to the Clinton Initiative Project – 100 million dollars – contributed to the payment of 50 thousand cataract surgeries which were performed in Peru.

Although such contributions decrease Carlos Slim net worth, he believes he is doing a favor for the world with making smiles on people faces. In addition, Carlos Slim is a member of the Gates Foundation and also he is a member of the government of Spain. Also, Carlos Slim spends around 150 million dollars in order to prevent diseases, which are spreading in Central America and also to raise the level of nutrition in that area. According to the data released in 2010, one of his companies called “America Movil”, which is the biggest mobile phone carrier in Latin America, accounted for almost 50 billion dollars of all Carlos Slim wealth, which also adds to the total Carlos Slim net worth.


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