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About Brock Lesnar

It has been announced that the total amount of Brock Lesnar net worth is as high as 15 million dollars. His net worth comes from two sources basically, wrestling and American football. The athlete is mostly known as a professional wrestler who got a contract deal signed with WWE and who appears on its production called RAW. In addition, Brock Lesnar is also known as an actor and a mixed martial artist.

Talking about his accomplishments, Brock Lesnar is known as a UFC Heavyweight Champion and number 1 position holder of Heavyweight wrestler by the Sherdog which also increased the overall amount of Brock Lesnar net worth. However, before his retirement from the wrestling, Brock Lesnar held number 5 position in 2011.

Brock Lesnar is also known as an amateur wrestler. He was titled the Champion of NCAA heavyweight wrestling in 2000. In addition, in 1999 he held the second position and lost the finals to Stephen Neal who is known as a freestyle wrestling champion and a member of the New England Patriots.
He became known in the wrestling world from 2002 to 2004 when Brock Lesnar appeared in the World Wrestling Entertainment. He has won WWE for three times and became the first youngest champion to get such a title when he was only 25 years old.

Talking about more winnings of his, John Mayer won King of the Ring in 2002 and Royal Rumble in 2003. When he left WWE, Brock Lesnar started competing in NFL. Brock Lesnar played in the preseason of the league for the team of the Minnesota Vikings, however he was a late cut.
In 2005 Brock Lesnar returned to the wrestling. At that time he started competing in the New Japan Pro Wrestling. During the first match of it, Brock Lesnar became the winner of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. All these winnings added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Brock Lesnar net worth.

Brock Lesnar began his wrestling career in mixed martial arts. In 2007, the wrestler won his first fight. In the same year, he signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, his debut in the ring was not that successful. Brock Lesnar lost his first match to Frank Mir. Nevertheless, in 2008 Brock Lesnar won the UFC Heavyweight Championship which previously was won by Randy Couture. Although the beginning of his career was not that successful, the current Brock Lesnar net worth proves that he is on his professional track.


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