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$15 million

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About Bradley Cooper

It has been reported that Bradley Cooper net worth reaches an estimate of 15 million dollars. The main source of it is his acting career for which he is best known. He has appeared in films in television, theater and also cinema. The roles which made him popular include portrayals of characters in films such as “The Hangover”, “Wedding Crashers”, “The A-Team” and “Limitless”. All these films also increased the overall amount of Bradley Cooper net worth. In 2001, Bradley Cooper received a title of the sexiest man on earth, according to the People’s magazine.
Bradley Cooper was born in Pennsylvania, where he also grew up. When the actor was studying at the Germantown academy, he was also working at the Philadelphia Daily News which was the first of his important job positions. When he graduated from it, Bradley Cooper studied at Villanova University and later at Georgetown University where he graduated in English in 1997. When he was studying at Georgetown University, he learnt French very well and was transferred to study to France for one year as an exchange student.

Bradley Cooper started acting professionally in 1999, when he started appearing on the TV show “The Sex and the City” which added first huge sums of money to Bradley Cooper net worth. In addition, he was known as a presenter of the Globe Trekker. In 2001, Bradley Cooper had his film debut in the movie called “Wet Hot American Summer”.
One of his most successful roles was in television drama called “Alias” where he portrayed a role of Will Tippin which was a huge success. In 2003, he stopped appearing in it, however he came back for two times to appear in “Alias” as a guest star. The TV show “Alias” also increased the overall amount of Bradley Cooper net worth. In the same year, he got some more guest appearances such as acting in “Miss Match” which were short-lived TV series.
In 2002, Bradley Cooper appeared in the psychological film called “Changing Lines”, however his scenes were deleted from the film. Nevertheless, the scenes can be seen in the DVD releases and his appearance in it also increased the overall amount of Bradley Cooper net worth. He has also appeared in the ABC film called “I Want to Marry Ryan Banks” where he co-starred together with Jason Priestly. He was also a regular guest in “Jack and Bobby” TV series.


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