Net Worth:
$55 million

About Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong net worth reaches an estimate of 55 million dollars. He is known to be involved into music and acting industries. Billie Joe Armstrong is known as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, actor and composer which all add a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Billie Joe Armstrong net worth. He is mostly known as a leader of the American punk rock group called “Green Day” where he serves as a leading singer, leading guitar player and the main songwriter.
He is also involved into production of the band called “Pinhead Gunpowder”. He is a guitarist and also a singer in the band. Moreover, Billie Joe Armstrong is involved in the project managed by his band called “Green Day” which is called Foxboro Hot Tubs. It also helps to accumulate the overall amount of Billie Joe Armstrong net worth.

He was born in California, where he also began to grow an interest in music. Billie Joe Armstrong started recording songs at an early age. His first recording was produced when he was five years old. It was his elementary school teacher who motivated the boy to engage into music activity and to record his first song which was called “Look for Love”. The song was recorded under the label of Fiat Records.
When attending elementary school, the star met Mike Dirnt with whom he soon became friends. When the couple was fifteen years old, they formed a band called “Sweet Children”. Later, the title of the band was changed into “Green Day”. Immediately, it started to gain a lot of attention. In addition to being a member in “Green Day” and also working on other projects such as “Pinhead Gunpowder” and Foxboro Hot Tubs, Billie Joe Armstrong has collaborated with other acts, as well.
The first influence in music was his father who was a jazz musician and also a truck driver. However, his father died when Billie Joe Armstrong was still young. “Green Day’s” song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” is known to be written by Billie Joe Armstrong and is dedicated to his father.
The first performance of the band under the name “Green Day” took place in a small college town called Davis. When his mother married another guy, he was not well accepted by the family and it resulted into the singer getting deeper into music, as well. On one side, it happened to be quite a good decision when taking a look at Billie Joe Armstrong net worth.

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