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$40 million

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About Big Boi

It has been stated that Big Boi net worth reaches an estimate of 40 million dollars which makes him one of the many millionaires in the music industry. Big Boi is known as a singer, rapper, artist and actor which all add revenues to the overall amount of Big Boi net worth. The singer’s real birth name is Antwan Andre Patton, however in the music industry he is mostly referred to as Big Boi. Big Boi is mostly recognized as a member of the band “Outkast” in which he is appearing together with another rapper and singer Andre 3000. During his presence in the band, “Outkast” has released 6 albums, sales of which increase the overall amount of Big Boi net worth a lot.
However, when the band decided to quit its musical career, both of the singers started their solo careers. Big Boi released his first album called “Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty”. The album was approved by both critics and the public.

Big Boi was born in Savannah, Georgia, but later moved to Atlanta in order to live with his aunt. When he was attending high school, Big Boi decided that he wanted to be a musician as his professional career. Apparently, this decision was right seeing the total amount of Big Boi net worth.
Moreover, he made friends with Andre who later became his band member while he was studying in high school. Andre was also involved into hip hop music as was Big Boi. When the duo created their group “Outkast”, they got signed a contract deal with the LaFace Records. Although “Outkast” decided to end the group’s career, both of the singers continued to collaborate in their musical careers with releasing double albums.
Talking about him as a song writer, Bog Boi’s themes include African Americans in the society as well as the world in general. One of such examples could be his single called “War” in which he described Bush’s administration as a president of the United States as well as the issues of war and terror in the world. Another song in which a political vibe can be felt is called “Sumthin’s Gotta Give” which he recorded together with another singer, Mary J Blige. The song addresses Barack Obama’s administration and his position in the world. Both of the singles were accepted well by both critics and the audience. The sales of them also increased Big Boi net worth.


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