Net Worth:
$5 million

About B.o.b.

It has been reported that the overall amount of rapper’s B.o.b. net worth reaches 5 million dollars which makes him one of so many multimillionaires in the music industry. B.O.B. whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons is known not only as a rapper but also as a record producer which is another source of B.o.b. net worth.
Born in Georgia, B.O.B. is known to be signed to three different record label companies such as Grand Hustle Records, Atlantic Records and Rebel Rock Entertainment. He gained success when he released his debut single called “Nothin’On You”. The sales of the single were huge and they increased the overall amount of B.o.b. net worth a lot. The single landed in the 1st position in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Another single called “Airplanes” was even a bigger success, again landing in Top 3 in various charts both in the United States and all across the Europe. His third single was called “Magic” and it landed in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot Top 100 list.

In 2010, his successful album called “B.O.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray” was released. The album also reached the top of the Billboard charts and was even certified as Gold, according to the RIAA. Two years after the release of his debut album, B.O.B. second album was published which was called “Strange Clouds”. The album produced 3 singles which received international success. These singles were “Both of Us”, “So Good” and “Out of My Mind”. During its first week of release, the album “Strange Clouds” landed in the 5th position in the list of the Billboard 200. His third music album was called “Underground Luxury”. Therefore, the sales of all of his albums increased the overall amount of B.o.b. net worth.
When he was attending school, B.O.B. excelled in playing trumpet. When he was in 6th grade at school, B.O.B. quitted school and decided to seek for a career as a musician which caused his parents being shocked about his decision to leave school and education.
His father was known as a religious man and as soon as he realized that his son is creating music as a form of therapy and relaxation, his father was satisfied. In addition, the musician stated that his parents were always supportive to him and helped him to get his first keyboard and helped in buying his first musical equipment.

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