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About Ashanti

Born in New York, Ashanti net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 40 million dollars. To the public, she is mostly
known as a singer, songwriter and an actress.

In addition, she is also a very successful music producer, which also adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Ashanti net worth.

Ashanti became known to the audience when she released her first music album which was entitled with her stage name, “Ashanti”.

The album was a huge hit in the United States. Three songs from the album
landed in the top 10 of the Billboard charts in one week time.

All in all, Ashanti has released four music albums. In addition, her
acting career is going really well, too.

More than 500 thousand copies of it were sold in the United States, which increased Ashanti net worth by a mile.

Moreover, Ashanti’s debut album set the record because it reached the biggest sales during the opening weeks of it and it also outsold the sales
of debut albums by such popular singers as Alicia Keys or Lauryn Hill.

Soon after, she became the first female singer to hold the two
first positions on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with her singles “Foolish” and “What’s Luv?” which was recorded together with Fat Joe.

In 2003, because of the release of her album “Ashanti”, the singer won Grammy award in the category of the Best Contemporary RnB album.

The data announced in 2008 stated that 15 million records of Ashanti were sold both nationally and internationally. In 2009, Ashanti
landed in the third position of the best contemporary RnB singers.

The first two places belonged to Alicia Keys and Beyonce.
Moreover, Ashanti has collaborated with many other artists including Jennifer Lopez.

Ashanti wrote and also sang in her song which
was entitled “Ain’t It Funny” which climbed to the number one position of the Billboard Hot 10 chart.

According to her music label, Ashanti got a title of the Princess of RnB music.

In addition, Ashanti has received 8 Billboard awards and two American Music awards, which also added extra money to the total amount of Ashanti net worth. See more information at thenetworth


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