One of the biggest personas in the entertainment industry Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth has been stated to have an estimate of
300 million dollars.

A huge part of it comes from his involvement into bodybuilding, modeling, business, acting and also politics.

The star was born in 1947 in a small village called Thal. There, his father worked as a police chief. In 1960 Arnold Schwarzenegger
started to get involved into sports.

At that time he was invited by his football coach to come to gym, where his passion for bodybuilding came at the age of fourteen.

However, his father wished that his son would become a chief of police, the same as he was working, and his mother hoped for Arnold Schwarzenegger to get enrolled into trade school.

However, the star himself knew that all he wanted to become was a professional bodybuilder, which constitutes a huge part of Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth.

years old, he won the Mr. Universe competition and became the youngest person ever to do so. In addition, he won Mr. Universe title three more times.

Such a success increased the total amount of Arnold Schwarzenegger net worth. In addition to being a successful bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger was interested in many other things as well.

He even had time to study at a business school.
In 1968 when the star was 21 years old, he moved to live to Los Angeles where he started training at the Gold’s Gym.

Furthermore, he got so good at his career that in 1970 he achieved his first title of Mr. Olympia.

Moreover, he went on to win the title a few more
times during his career as a bodybuilder.

Moreover, the title of the Mr. Olympia got him involved into cinema industry.

He was chosen to play a role in the movie called “Hercules in New York” which added huge sums of money to the overall amount of Arnold
Schwarzenegger net worth. You can see more at thenetworth

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