Net Worth:
$35 million

About Ari Emanuel

One of the most prominent talent agents Ari Emanuel net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 35 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his talent agency called “Endeavor Talent Agency” which Ari Emanuel established in Beverly Hills, California. Today, a huge part of Ari Emanuel net worth comes from his job position as a CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, which also belongs to the Endeavor Talent Agency group. Born in 1961 Chicago, Illinois, Ari Emanuel finished McAlester College in 1983.

The star’s parents were involved into political matters a lot. Ari Emanuel’s father had origins in Jerusalem and fought for independence for the Jerusalem region. Later, the group to which he belonged was named as a terrorist organization, according to British colonial authorities. Ari Emanuel’s mother was an activist of human rights. When Ari Emanuel was a child, he was diagnosed with two illnesses – hyperactivity and being dyslexic. Thus, he had trouble reading and his mother spent lots of times trying to help her son to catch up with the kids of his age, who were able to read easily.

Talking about his own family, Ari Emanuel is married to Sarah Addington with whom he has three sons. Before he founded his own talent agency which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Ari Emanuel net worth , the talent agent worked in InterTalent company and also had a position of senior agent in another talent agency called International Creative Management. However, the first agency which is considered to be his start in the entertainment industry is Creative Artists Agency, where Ari Emmanuel worked as an agent trainee. In Hollywood, he holds the title of one of the best talent agents. Moreover, his name is attributed to the list of the Fortune’s Businesspersons of the Year.

Moroever, Ari Emanuel is known as being one of the most influential art philanthropist. Some years ago, he was one of the members of the P.S. Arts, which was a non-profit organization established in Los Angeles. Its aim was to introduce art programs in all of the Southern California schools. In addition, Ari Emanuel collaborated with Museum of Contemporary Art which is founded in Los Angeles to create MocaTV, which was a Youtube channel of the museum. Moreover, in 2012, he was invited to join the members of the museum’s board. Thus, Ari Emanuel net worth comes not only from his career as a talent agent, but also from his involvement into popularizing art.

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