Net Worth:
$15 million

About Anne Hathaway

It has been reported that one of the most popular actresses Anne Hathaway net worth has an estimate which reaches 15 million dollars. In addition to being an actress, Anne Hathaway is also known as a singer. These two involvements are the main sources of Anne Hathaway net worth. Anne Hathaway became popular when she appeared in the TV series called “Get Real”.
However, the role which made her an international star was Mia Thermopolis whom she portrayed in a movie called “The Princess Diaries” which was released in 2001. In 2004, the second part of the movie was released and the actress appeared in it, as well. The movie grossed a lot and it increased the total amount of Anne Hathaway net worth, too.

Anne Hathaway is also known as a voice actress who appeared in the animated TV series of “The Simpsons”. For her work in it, the actress has received an Emmy award. Other big roles of the actress include Jane Austin in the movie “Becoming Jane” which was released in 2007 and “The Devil Wears Prada” released in 2006.
In 2008, Anne Hathaway appeared in the movie called “Rachel Getting Married”. Because of her role in the movie, Anne Hathaway received a nomination of the Best Actress in the Academy Awards ceremony. In 2010, she appeared in three movies, including “Alice in Wonderland”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Love and Other Drugs”. In 2011, Anne Hathaway was chosen to voice one of the main characters in the animation “Rio” which received a lot of attention and increased the total amount of Anne Hathaway net worth.
Anne Hathaway gets a lot of recognition in various magazines. In 2001, she was named one of the most successful breakthrough acts in the People magazine. In 2006, her name was in the magazine’s list of the 50 Most Beautiful People.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Anne Hathaway started to seek for a career as an actress due to her mother who motivated her daughter to follow her in her footsteps. When the actress was six years old, Anne Hathaway moved to live to New Jersey together with her family. Anne Hathaway was raised according to Catholic morals and confessed that when she was a child, she wanted to become a nun. However, when she realized that one of her brothers was gay, her dream job changed because the actress stated that she could not be a supporter of a religion which did not support her brother.

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