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$15 million

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About Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones net worth has been reported to have an estimate of 15 million dollars. Moreover, he is stated to receive 350 thousand dollars for every TV episode he appears in. He is known as a star from the TV series called “Two and a Half Men” which is the main source of Angus T. Jones net worth.

The money which he gets for every episode of “Two and a Half Men” make him the highest paid young person on television. If he gets 350 thousand dollars per season of the TV show, it means that he accumulated around 8.4 million dollars per season which is a huge amount of money for a young rising TV star.
Born in Austin, Texas, Angus T. Jones started to appear on TV screens in the late 90s when he appeared in various TV commercials before he even started attending kindergarten. Thus, he has been involved into entertainment business since his early childhood. From there he was chosen to appear in several TV and cinema productions which increased Angus T. Jones net worth a lot. Such productions include “See Spot Run”, “Simpatico”, “ER”, “The Rookie”, “Dinner With Friends”, “George of the Jungle 2” and “Bringing Down the House”.
However, the biggest break for him came in 2003 when he became a well known name internationally. It was the time when he was chosen to appear in the TV series “Two and a Half Men” where he auditioned for a role of Jake Harper and got it. One of the most interesting facts is that he was the first kid to audition for the producers and they liked him at once. Moreover, they chose Angus T. Jones to portray the role of Jake Harper when he was still auditioning for them.
For the role in the TV series Angus T. Jones has received several awards such as TV Land award and two Young Artist awards. In 2010 Angus T. Jones signed a contract to appear in “Two and a half Men”. It has been reported that the contract guaranteed that the actor would get around 8 million dollars over two seasons of the TV show which comprised of 26 episodes. Furthermore, he was guaranteed to receive 500 thousand dollars in bonus. Thus, such amount of money increased Angus T. Jones net worth by a mile.
In addition, Angus T. Jones appeared in the movies “Hannah Montana Forever” and “The Christmas Blessing”. Furthermore, Angus T. Jones is also a trained singer, in addition to his successful acting career.


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