Net Worth:
$45 million

About Andre 3000

It has been reported that Andre 3000 net worth has an estimate of 45 million dollars. Andre 3000 is known as a singer, rapper, actor, record producer, composer and dancer. Thus, it is obvious that he is involved in a lot of fields in the entertainment industry which brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Andre 3000 net worth.
Andre 3000 whose real name is Andre Lauren Benjamin is mostly known as a member in the duo called “OutKast” together with Big Boi. Talking about his involvement into cinema industry, Andre 3000 has appeared in quite a lot of popular TV series and films such as “Four Brothers”, “Families”, “Semi-Pro”, The Shield” and “Be Cool”. Thus, music and cinema industries are the main sources of Andre 3000 net worth.

Another source of his net worth is his being an entrepreneur. One of such involvements of him is being a fashion designer. In 2008, he launched his clothing line which was called “Benjamin Bixby”. Moreover, Andre 3000 is also involved with organizations which protect animal rights. In addition, Andre 3000 is known as an active member of the Cartoon Network where he worked on the TV series called “Class of 3000”.
Giving some background information, Andre 3000 was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother was involved in a real estate business while his father was a collection agent. When he attended high school, Andre 3000 met Big Boi, with whom later he created the duo “OutKast”.
After the duo graduated, they got signed with LaFace records and in 1994 “OutKast” released its first music album. The sales of the album were very successful and added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Andre 3000 net worth. The single “Player’s Ball” from the album was also very successful. Soon after the release of their debut album, “OutKast” got the award for being the best rap group of the year 1999 during the Source Awards.
In other two of the duo’s album, a wave of music style combinations could be felt. The duo tried to experiment with styles of soul, jungle and trip-hop. At the same time, Andre 3000 started getting involved in another fields such as painting and having romantic relationships with popular women such as Erykah Badu. When “OutKast” released their fourth album, the singer was started to be called Andre 3000. Before, he was going by his real name.

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