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$2 million

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About Alex Mccord

It has been announced that the total amount of Alex Mccord net worth reaches an estimate of 400 thousand dollars. She is known as a graphic designer, author and actress which are all sources to Alex Mccord net worth. However, some statements claim that her actual net worth reaches a little bit more than 2 million dollars, thus there is some doubt about it.
Alex McCord is known because of her roles in both cinema and television films and series. Alex McCord has appeared in films such as “Uptown Girls”, “The Warrior Class” and “The Architect”. She is also known as a star from soap operas, including her appearance in “One Life to Live” which also increased the overall amount of Alex Mccord net worth.

Currently she is known as a reality show star who appears in the TV show called “The Real Housewives of New York City” which she joined in its 1st season. In addition, for nine years she has been working as a graphic designer. She collaborated with such well-known brands as Victoria Secret and Limited Brands. Working with such high quality brands increased the overall amount of Alex Mccord net worth.
Alex McCord was born in 1973 in Washington D.C., although she grew up in Texas and Virgin Islands. After graduating from high school, Alex McCord enrolled to study into Northwestern university, however she did not graduate from it. In addition, Alex McCord is known because of her relations. She is a wife of Simon Van Kempen, who is a General Manager of the Hotel Chandler in the New York City. Together with him, Alex McCord has two sons named Francois and Johan.
Currently the family is residing in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Their sons are well rounded children with interests in arts, music, languages and sports. They both are learning the French language from Au Pair who is speaking in French.
Alex McCord is also known as an author. Together with her husband Simon Van Kempen, they published a book about taking care of children which was entitled “Little Kids Big City”. The sales of it increased the family’s net worth, including Alex Mccord net worth. In the book, the couple shares their own experience of raising two sons in the biggest city in the world. Together with her husband, Alex McCord has appeared on various TV talk show such as “Daily TV” and “Wendy Williams”.


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