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$15 million

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About Adam Levine

It has been reported that Adam Levine net worth reaches an estimate of 15 million dollars. In addition, his yearly salary is as high as 6 million dollars. To the public, he is known as a musician, song writer, composer and guitarist. These are the main sources of the overall amount of Adam Levine net worth.

Born 1979, the singer whose full name is Adam Noah Levine is one of the members of a famous band “Maroon 5”. In addition, Adam Levine is a very frequent TV star. Currently he is one of the teachers and mentors in the TV show “The Voice”. The singer was born in California, where he was also raised.
When he was six years old, he participated in the YMCA local basketball championship where he scored the winning shot when there was no time left to play. Later, Adam Levine stated that this happening changed a lot of things in his mind and after that Adam Levine gained a lot of confidence to try to be successful in everything he does.
Also, in his young years Adam Levine played a guitar in a band called “Kara’s Flowers”. When he was in his senior year, Adam Levine together with the other members of the band released their first album called “The Fourth World” in 1997. In the same year, the band made their huge appearance in the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210” which was very popular at that time. The band was not famous at all and it did not increase Adam Levine net worth. The first years of the band were not that successful. The first album did not reach a lot of attention and the single from it called “Soap Disco” was a commercial failure.
After the band members saw that they were not getting attention from media and audience, they decided to leave the band and go their own ways. Thus, Adam Levine together with his friend Carmichael left Los Angeles and moved to New York. There, their senses about musical scene changed a lot. In one of the interviews Adam Levine confessed that it was strange to them to make new friends whose names were very strange, for example, Chaos.
Also while living in New York Adam Levine tried to make ends meet while working as a waiter at Johnny Rockets. Later, he started to from another band, which was a beginning of “Maroon 5” and this time the band became successful on an international scale and added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Adam Levine net worth.


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