Zac Efron net worth

Zac Efron net worth

Net Worth: $18 million

About Zac Efron

One of the best paid young stars Zac Efron net worth has been announced to reach 18 million dollars. Started his career as an actor, Zac Efron today is also a singer. The star grew up in the Southern part of California. He got involved into acting when he was eleven years old. At first, Zac Efron appeared in various TV commercials and acted as a guest in different TV shows.

However, it was the film called “High School Musical” released by the Disney Channel, which made him famous globally and also increased the total amount of Zac Efron net worth. “High School Musical” was released in two parts and Zac Efron appeared in all of them together with another raising star Vanessa Hudgens, whom zac Efron dated for a while. The movie was a hit not only in the United States, but also all around the world and it made Zac Efron known worldwide. Moreover, due to the movie’s popularity, Zac Efron appeared on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

A lot of songs from the movie were included in the chart. Moreover, one of the most popular songs from the film “Breaking Free” reached a status of the song which rose the fastest in the Billboard chart. From the 86th place it reached the 4th position in two weeks time. The single “Breaking Free” sold millions of copies, which also increased Zac Efron net worth a lot. As with the release of “High School Musical”, the other two parts “High School Musical 2” and “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” gained Zac Efron a lot of attention from media and the public.

In 2007, it was stated that Zac Efron was the actor, who was mostly searched on the website Moreover, his role in the movie part “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” earned him 2 MTV Movie Awards – one for the best male performance and another one for the best kiss. After his successful character portrayal in the “High School Musical” and its subsequent parts, Zac Efron was offered a lot of other roles to portray in films. He starred as Link Larkin in the movie “Hairspray” and continued to work on his singing career. However, one of the most interesting facts is that in other movies than “High School Musical”, he was not required to sing. Nevertheless, Zac Efron net worth still comes from two main sources – singing and, of course, acting.


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