Young Buck net worth

Young Buck net worth

Net Worth: $300 thousand

About Young Buck

Young Buck is one of those celebrities whose net worth reaches the minus level. It has been estimated that Young Buck net worth is -300 thousand dollars. Born in Tennessee, Young Buck is known as a rap singer and an actor. Moreover, he has established his own record label company and named it “Cashville Records”. He became the CEO of the company and it increased the overall amount of Young Buck net worth. The star became popular when he joined the group “G-Unit”. However, soon after he was forced to leave the group.

One of the interesting facts is that he is still signed to “G-Unit” record label company which might imply that there did not happen any arguments between the two parties and Young Buck and “G-Unit” still get one quite well. After he left the group, Young Buck started solo career and has released three studio albums. In addition to his career as a rapper and an actor, Young Buck net worth is also accumulated through his involvement into songwriting and producing other music artists.

Young Buck whose real name is David Darnell Brown was born in 1981. When he was twelve years old, Young Buck decided to get involved into rapping just in order to try to be better than his friend Clay Cole, who was a musician. Clay Cole was a really talented singer and Young Buck was jealous of that a lot. When Clay Cole moved to live in Florida, Young Buck felt really successful because he got a chance to record his music in a recording studio. Soon after, a co-founder of “Cash Money Records” Brian “Baby” Williams heard him singing and signed him with his record label company.

However, Young Buck did not get many opportunities to make his name famous while being signed to “Cash Money Records”, therefore he decided to change it for “UTP Records”. Young Buck was signed to “UTP Records” until 2003. The singer was featured in the song called “Memphis” which he sang together with stars such as Project Pat, Three Six Mafia and many more. “UTP Records” label company was the one which arranged a meeting with the rapper 50 Cent who offered Young Buck to sign a record deal with “Interscope Records” label company. Some people say that the latter collaboration with the “Interscope Records” was the most successful because the deal signed with it brought a lot of revenue to the total amount of Young Buck net worth.

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