Yo Gotti net worth

Yo Gotti net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Yo Gotti

One of the most influential rappers from the Southern United States Yo Gotti net worth has an estimate of 3.5 million dollars. In the music business, he is known as one of the most financially successful rappers. The rapper was raised in Memphis and at a very early age he knew how challenging life can be. When he attended the third grade in the primary school, Yo Gotti family’s house was raided by Federal Agents.

Because of refusal to snitch, his mother with his aunts were sent to jail for 10-15 years. Soon after, without proper care, Yo Gotti got involved with kids who were much older than him. The kids started to call him Yo, a nickname which was made out of his name Mario, and later they added Gotti. Gotti meant that the rapper got involved into doing things which typically are not usual between the kids of his age. Seeing that he might be one of the boys who got into crimes, Yo Gotti decided to achieve more.

In 1990, Yo Gotti started performing al around Memphis, which led him to sing a contract deal with TVT Records. It also started to accumulate Yo Gotti net worth. His first music album was entitled “Live from the Kitchen”. His first single which was included in that album was called “5 Star” and it reached the public in 2009. His second single was released in the same year and it was entitled “Women Lie, Men Lie”. The sales of it added a lot of money to the overall amount of Yo Gotti net worth. In 2010, his third single reached the ears of the audience and it was named “Look in the Mirror”. His songs have been played for more than 24 million times on his official page on Myspace website.

Born in 1981, the first stage name of the rapper was Lil Yo and only later he decided to perform as Yo Gotti. The rapper whose real name is Mario Mims also writes his own songs in which a vibe of his childhood experience can also be felt. The rapper became one of the most favorite rappers in the area of Memphis when he released his album “Life” in 2003. Moreover, the song which he recorded with Lil Jon and which was called “Dirty South Soldiers” made him one of the best rappers in the Southern area and it also added a lot of money to the total amount of Yo Gotti net worth.


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