Wiz Khalifa net worth

Wiz Khalifa net worth

Net Worth: $11 million

About Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa net worth has been estimated to reach around 11 million dollars, which makes him one of the many millionaires in the entertainment industry. Most of his net worth comes from his involvement into music business. Wiz Khalifa is known as a rapper who gained success both nationally and internationally and this is the main source of Wiz Khalifa net worth.

Born in 1987, Wiz Khalifa whose full birth name is Cameron Jibril Thomas released his first album called “Show and Prove” in 2006. After one year, he got to sign a record deal with The Warner Bros Records. Wiz Khalifa’s single “Say Yeah” gained international success and increased Wiz Khalifa’s net worth by a mile. The single was influenced by eurodance style and it was played in various urban radio stations.
In 2009 the rapper released his second album which was called “Deal or no Deal”, however it was not released under the Warner Bros Record label. After the release of a free mix tape called “Kush and Orange Juice”, Wiz Khalifa signed a contract with Atlantic Records in 2010. The first single which was released under the Atlantic Records label was called “Black and Yellow” and some people believe that it was this single which made him known internationally. “Black and Yellow” reached number 1 position in various charts and it hit Billboard Top 100. In 2011, Wiz Khalifa released another album which was entitled “Rolling Papers”.
Giving some more background information about the rapper, Wiz Khalifa was born to his parents who both were involved into military. However, when Wiz Khalifa was three years old his parents got divorced. Because of his parents position, Wiz Khalifa had to move a lot while he was growing up. Thus, he was living in many different places such as Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. Finally, Wiz Khalifa settled in Pittsburgh where he attended high school.
The rapper’s stage name ‘khalifa’ is from Arabic origin and it means ‘successor’. The other part of his stage name ‘Wiz’ stands for ‘wisdom’. Moreover, in one of his interviews Wiz Khalifa stated that the nickname ‘Wiz’ was given to him by his relatives because he excelled well at everything he did. Moreover, when he was 17 years old, he got a tattoo which says ‘Wiz Khalifa’ on his birthday. Wiz Khalifa also has collaborated with many other rappers which increased Wiz Khalifa net worth a lot.

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