Wayne Gretzky net worth

Wayne Gretzky net worth

Net Worth: $200 million

About Wayne Gretzky

It has been announced that Wayne Gretzky net worth has an estimate of 200 million dollars, which makes him to be attributed to the list of the millionaires of the sports industry. Born in 1961 in Ontario, Canada, Wayne Gretzky whose full name is Wayne Douglas Gretzky is known to the public as one of the most successful hockey players in the history. In 1978, Wayne Gretzky signed a contract with the Indianapolis Racer which belongs to the World Hockey Association.

However, the hockey player stayed in the team for a very short time because he was transferred to the Edmonton Oilers. When the team in which Wayne Gretzky played joined the NHL, the hockey player was the one who led it to win four Stanley Cups, which is a very prestigious award. Such victories also increased the overall amount of Wayne Gretzky net worth. However, Wayne Gretzky was transferred to other teams two more times. He played for the Los Angeles Kings team and also for St. Louis Blues team.

The last team in which Wayne Gretzky played before finally retiring from playing hockey was New York Rangers team. Talking about his accomplishments and awards which he received during his career, Wayne Gretzky holds nine Hart Trophies which he got for the most valuable player, ten Art Ross trophies for scoring the most goals, two Conn Smith Trophies and also five Lester B. Pearson awards. After he retired from hockey career, his name was inscribed into the Hall of Fame of NHL. Moreover, during the Winter Olympic games which took place in 2002, Wayne Gretzky got the position of executive director of the Canadian’s Men National Hockey Team. The position increased Wayne Gretzky net worth a lot.

Furthermore, Wayne Gretzky is most of the times called “The Great One” due to the fact that he scored 200 points in one season of playing. Talking about his family life, Wayne Gretzky was married to Janet Jones, who is an American actress, in 1988. Together, they have five kids. Therefore, overall, Wayne Gretzky played in four teams for the NHL between the years 1979-1999 until his retirement. Moreover, Wayne Gretzky is still referred to as the most successful and the most professional hockey player of all the time by many sports critics and also the audience. It also can be proved by taking a look at the numbers of Wayne Gretzky net worth, which shows that his playing was financially successful as well.


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