Waka Flocka net worth

Waka Flocka net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Waka Flocka

One of the most interesting questions for people who are interested in the entertainment business was a question of how high Waka Flocka net worth is. Thus, the question has been answered and updated recently and it stated that the net worth reaches 4.5 million dollars. To the public, Waka Flocka is mostly known as a rapper. Most of Waka Flocka net worth comes from his career in music, rap singing, album sales and singles. The rapper was born in 1986 in New York and recently he has been said to be collaborating with Brick Squad, with whom they plan to produce mixed tapes. Waka Flocka

whose real name is Juaquin Malphurs is signed with record label companies such as “1017 Brick Squad” and also “Warner Bros”.

He is known as one of the bet Southern rapping and hip-hop artists and his singles such as “O Let’s Do It”, “Hard in the Paint” and “No Hands” have conquered hearts of many rap and hip-hop music lovers. His debut album was entitled “Flockaveli” and the sales of it really increased the overall amount of Waka Flocka net worth. IN the spring of 2012 his second album was released and it was called “Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family”.

So far, the sales of the recent album are also relatively high, so it can be assumed that because of that his net worth is going to grow year after year. Giving some background information and some biographical details, the rapper moved to live in Georgia while he was still a kid. He is also known for some family relations. His mother is a former manager of Gucci Mane and CEO of Icey/Mizay Entertainment Group. He received his nickname Waka by his cousin, who used to watch “The Muppets” show and one of the characters in that show Fozzie Bear used to say the phrase “Waka Waka” quite a lot. Thus, he started calling the rapper the same way.

Another part of his nickname – Flocka – was given by Gucci Mane. In addition to that, the rapper is sometimes referred to as Waka Flocka Flame as well. Moreover, Waka Flocka net worth was increased by his nude but tasteful photo shoot for the PETA campaign which is against animal killing. The picture of him says “Ink not Mink”. Moreover, the picture of him of this campaign is quite similar to the one which is on his debut album cover. Thus, besides singing career, Waka Flocka is quite intensively involved into some other activities like promoting people to not kill animals for eating or manufacturing their skin or fur.


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