Vladimir Putin net worth

Vladimir Putin net worth

Net Worth: $40 billion

About Vladimir Putin

One of the most famous Russian politicians Vladimir Putin net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 40 billion dollars, which makes him to be in the top of the list of the wealthiest people in the world. Born in the times of Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin holds the position of the Prime Minister of the Russian Government, which is one of the main sources of Vladimir Putin net worth. Moreover, between the years of 1999-2008, the politician was elected to be the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin was known for reviving Russian economic situation. However, he was quite criticized for his opinion about human rights and also his handling political issues from abroad. In addition, Vladimir Putin is known in the whole world as one of the most notorious politicians and sometimes people blame not the politician himself, but the times when he served in Russian government when his policies were called completely undemocratic.

However, in Russia, he was quite loved and Russians seemed to like him. He became extremely popular after he was elected to be the president in 1999 after Boris Yeltsin decided not to serve anymore in the position. At these times, Vladimir Putin net worth started to grow rapidly. Vladimir Putin began involved into political career after he had a successful serving time in KGB. The politician got the position of being in charge for the Committee of External Relations based in Mayor’s Office in Saint Petersburg. After this, his popularity as a politician started to grow and finally he was elected to become the president of Russia in 2000.

To the public, he is also known as a very outrageous politician who does not get shy to pose for photos topless. Moreover, Vladimir Putin is also known for his interest in extreme activities and sports. In addition, Vladimir Putin is recognized because of his use of the Russian language which is marked by his unique use of aphorisms. For example, in the interview with Larry King, Vladimir Putin used one of his aphorisms, when the TV show host asked him what happened to the yellow submarine. Vladimir Putin simply answered that “she sank”.

Today Vladimir Putin holds the position of the President of Russia and he has been serving in that position since 2012. His former position of the Prime Minister was taken by another Russian politician Dimitrij Medvedev. Thus, Vladimir Putin net worth is increasing again and Russian people seem to be happy with him being in the presidential post once again.


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