Vijay Mallya net worth

Vijay Mallya net worth

Net Worth: $2 billion

About Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya net worth has been estimated to reach around 1.2 billion dollars, which makes him one of the richest people from India. To the public, Vijay Mallya is mostly known as politician, entrepreneur, businessman and a promoter, which are also the main sources of Vijay Mallya net worth. Born in 1955, Vijay Mallya is one of the most popular and talked about persons in India. Moreover, the celebrity is also known as industrialist and a member from India’s parliament. Vijay Mallya was born in West Bengal India and he has a position as a chairman in one of the India’s conglomerates which is called “UB Group”. Vijay Mallya has various interests in many different fields such as aviation, real estate, engineering, computer technologies, information technology and pharmaceuticals.

Moreover, the politician from India is also known for his family relations. His father is a well known industrialist in India named Vittal Mallya. In 1983 when his father’s demise happened, Vijay Mallya was selected to be the chairman of the company, which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Vijay Mallya net worth. Moreover, the politician was only 28 years old when he overtook the company, which a lot of people saw as a wrong thing to do, since many of Indians believed that Vijay Mallya does not have enough experience to be the chairman of the company.

Vijay Mallya was raised in Calcutta and there, he went to school for boys which was entitled La Martinere School. Later, he enrolled into St. Xavier’s College from which Vijay Mallya graduated in communications degree. When he was studying in college, Vijay Mallya got an internship in his father’s company. After he finished college, he got a successful internship in the United States, where he worked in American Hoechst.

He was so great during his internships that after they ended, Vijay Mallya established his own company which was called “UB International”, which was known as a trade business. Moreover, it worked under the label of “UB Group”. In addition, after the death of his father, Vijay Mallya was elected to become the chairman of the UB, which raised many different opinions from the public. One side stated that he will not be able to manage his positions, while the other side claimed that he is skillful enough to cope with it. Apparently, “UB Group” is one of the main sources for Vijay Mallya net worth which proves that he managed to keep the company up.


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