Vanna White net worth

Vanna White net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Vanna White

Vanna White net worth has been estimated to reach 15 million dollars. Most of her net worth has been accumulated during her career as a TV presenter. Born in 1957, Vanna White whose real name is Vanna Marie Rosich is known not only as a TV presenter but also as a very successful actress. To the public, she is mostly recognized as the one who appeared in the TV show called “The Wheel of Fortune” which has been broadcasted since 1982. Born in South Carolina, Vanna White took the surname of her stepfather named Herbert Stackley White Jr., when her dad who got origins in Puerto Rico left the family. Vanna White first appeared in a game show called “The Price is Right” in 1980.

At that time, Vanna White was one of the four contestants of the show. Although she did not appear on the stage, her running to the row where contestants were situated was broadcasted quite a lot of times in other TV shows including “The Price is Right 25th Anniversary Special” and “Game Show Moments Went Bananas”. Although it did not add extra money to Vanna White net worth, it gave her a lot of fame and recognition. Talking about her way to “The Wheel of Fortune”, Vanna White was selected to help co-host the show together with Vicki McCarthy and Summer Bartholomew when in 1982 Susan Stafford left the show.

Soon after, Vanna White was chosen to host the day time show and she continued to do that till 1991. Thus, “The Wheel of Fortune” became her way to success and it brought huge sums of money to the total amount of Vanna White net worth. In 1987, Vanna White released her autobiographical book called “Vanna Speaks!” which was titled as a best seller. In 1987, Vanna White’s pictures appeared in the “Playboy” magazine. One of the most interesting facts about that was that the pictures were taken by her boyfriend before her appearing in “The Wheel of Fortune”.

In 1988, Vanna White was chosen to portray a role of Venus in the film called “Goddess of Love” which was aired on the NBC channel. However, her appearance in that movie received mostly negative comments and the magazine “TV Guide” made a remark that her acting in the movie was “wheely bad”. Although her acting career did not seem to impress critics, her appearance in the game show was the one which brought her not only critical acclaim but also increased Vanna White net worth a lot.


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