Vanilla Ice net worth

Vanilla Ice net worth

Net Worth: $18 million

About Vanilla Ice

People who get involved into rapping music usually earn lots of money, but that will not happen if they did not have talent and ambition to succeed. One of the richest rappers in the world Vanilla Ice net worth has been announced to be 18 million dollars. Vanilla Ice whose real name is Robert van Winkle was raised in both Dallas and Miami. He started to be interested in the entertainment industry and, more specifically, into singing and songwriting while he was a teenager. The rapper enjoyed performing songs to his friends and relatives, who believed that Vanilla Ice had talent to do both – sing and breakdance, which was his another passion.

Later, Vanilla Ice collaborated with DJ Earthquake and the duo were regular guests in many night clubs. His first performances in night clubs started Vanilla Ice net worth which he has today. Also, performing at clubs led to the rapper signing a record deal with the record label company called “Ichiban Records”. His debut album was a huge hit. It was entitled “Hooked” and it gained a lot of popularity while played at night clubs. However, only one year later it was released under the record label “SBK Records” and the album was renamed to “To the Extreme”.

Moreover, the album was a record with getting a title as the hip hop album which was sold the fastest of all time. Eleven million copies of the album were sold in the whole world and it also reached the first position on the Billboard 200 chart. Thus, needless to say, the album added a fortune to the overall amount of Vanilla Ice net worth. One of the singles from the album “To the Extreme” has been so popular that it is still known by a lot of people.

The title of it is “Ice Ice Baby” and usually when people read it a tune from the song comes to their minds. Also, the single “Ice Ice Baby” hit the Billboard Top 100 chart with being in number one position for several weeks in a row. Moreover, the single got a certification of platinum by RIAA and 1 million copies of it were sold in the United States alone. Talking about his memorable performances, one of those was when the rapper was on a tour called “Stop the Violence” and he opened for acts including Ice-T. In addition, Vanilla Ice is a frequent guest on TV shows and movies. He appeared in the TV show called “The Surreal Life” which also added a lot of revenue to the total amount of Vanilla Ice net worth.


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