Usher net worth

Usher net worth

Net Worth: $110 million

About Usher

Usher net worth is said to be around 110 million dollars. He gets most of his money from his musical and acting careers, also producing some musical artists such as one of the most popular today’s singers Justin Bieber. When he was just a child, his family soon realized his talent and moved to Atlanta, where

Usher began his career. During his young days, Usher made some miniscule recordings, appearances and background vocals. Since the time when he was only 16 years old, all in all Usher has produced six album records, which also added to the overall amount of Usher net worth. His last three albums even shot to the number one position in the US Billboard TOP 200 list.

RIAA even certified four of his albums to be platinum. These albums include “My Way”, “8701”, “Confessions” and “Here I Stand”. What is even more interesting and shocking is that 10 million copies of the album “Confessions” were sold and it became diamond certified in the United States. One of the most popular and recent hits of Usher are “U Remind Me”, “OMG” and “Yeah!”. In 2004, the single “Yeah!” got the award of the best performing single in the United States. It also achieved the first position in many charts in around 10 countries worldwide. Usher has produced many other songs besides his own, which also adds to the overall amount of Usher net worth.

He has collaborated with many other artists such as Mariah Carey. He sang a song together with her called “How Much”. Moreover, he was also featured in the Rowland Kelly’s song “Same Girl”. In addition to the collaborations with Mariah Carey and Rowland Kelly, Usher was also a back leading vocal in Justin Bieber’s song “First Dance”. When talking about Usher’s awards, he has four American Music Awards, five Grammies, and even nineteen Billboard awards. Usher is not only a musician, but he is also acting.

He appeared in movies such as “Moesha”, “The Faculty”, “She’s All That” and “In the Mix”. Other his activities besides acting and music include an ownership of the US Records Company, which he also established. Also, he is a co-owner of basketball team “Cleveland Cavaliers” in the United States and a founder of a non-profit organization called “New Look”. Thus, it is obvious that Usher Net Worth, which reaches more than 100 million dollars, has been earned with hard work in many different areas, in which Usher shows his real talent. Some people even argue that now his net worth reaches almost 150 million dollars.


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