Tyga net worth

Tyga net worth

Net Worth: $1 million

About Tyga

One of the American rap artists Tyga net worth has been announced to be 1 million dollars. Taking into consideration that actually a lot of people do not know anything about him, this sum of money is quite high for such a rapper. Most of his net worth Tyga has received through his music career, which includes releases of his

singles, albums and hits. Also, in addition to that, he has released some video clips and also remix tapes. Tyga has both sang on his own and also he has had some collaborations with other music artists.

Tyga whose real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson was born in California in 1989, so the artist is actually relatively young and many critics expect him to have a wonderful career several years later, which would also add to the enrichment of Tyga net worth. Many people wonder about what his stage name really means. In fact, it is an acronym of the saying “Thank You God Always”. Overall, Tyga has signed with three record label companies, such as Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Republic Records. Also, Tyga is sometimes referred to as a cousin of Travis McCoy. The two even have released one single together called “Coconut Juice”, which was the hit for which Tyga became known for the public.

Also, the sales of the single have led to the growth of Tyga net worth. After the release of the single, Young Money Entertainment record label signed him and Tyga went on to release his debut album entitled “Careless World: Rise of the Last King”. The album had in it major singles of Tyga, such as “Faded”, “Far Away” and “Make It Nasty”. Also, Tyga is planning to release another album in March, 2013, and it is expected that the album is going to be called “Hotel California”. Tyga is of Vietnamese and African American origin.

Actually, his career started when his cousin noticed him in a trainers store and Tyga gave him a tape of him singing. In 2008, Tyga released his first independent album, which was called “No Introduction”. The record label which released it was Decaydance Records record label company. One of the songs which was quite popular from that album was “Diamond Life”, which was chosen to be a theme song to the video game “Need for Speed: Undercover”. Moreover, the same song was played in the movie “Fighting”, which was released in 2009. Thus, it seems that with the rapper being active in the music area, Tyga net worth is expected to grow a lot.


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