Trina net worth

Trina net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Trina

Trina net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 10 million dollars. A huge part of it comes from her involvement into rapping industry. Moreover, she is a song writer and also a model, which are another sources of Trina net worth. She has released a lot of singles, albums and also mix tapes. Trina was awarded with the title of the remix of the year, which was given to one of her tracks.

Trina was born in Florida in 1978 and her birth name is Katrina Laverne Taylor. She also produces her own songs. She became known to the public in 1998, when she was featured on the Trick Daddy’s single called “Nann Nigga” which was released in his album

After this collaboration, Trina has released five music albums, which brought extra money to the overall amount of Trina net worth. The albums did not gain a lot of success but she gained the title of being the most consistent rap artist by the XXL Magazine. Moreover, she was mentioned in the Source Magazine, which mentioned the singer’s career in the 2012 Women’s history month.
Giving some background information, Trina is of mixed origin. Her father was of Dominican descent and her mother was of African American origin. However, when she was a little girl, her parents got divorced.
In her free time, Trina used to write rap lyrics which were noticed by Trick Daddy who later asked her to join him in recording his single “Nann Nigga”. The single reached 62nd position on the Billboard chart and 3rd position on the Rap Songs chart. Because of the success of the single, Trina received an offer to sign a deal with the record label called “Slip-n-Slide Records”, which was distributed by the Atlantic records.
When signed to the record label, Trina became fully involved into releasing her debut music album. In one of her interviews she confessed that she did not have much control of what was going to be on the album. All Trina had to do was to sing the lyrics written for her, therefore there were no creative power from her side in her debut album. In 2000, her debut album was released which was entitled “Da Baddest Bitch”. In the same year, the album got the Gold certification by the RIAA. The album stayed on the Billboard chart for almost thirty weeks, which brought a lot of success and popularity to the singer and it also increased the Trina net worth.


trina net worth trina net worth

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