Trey Songz net worth

Trey Songz net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Trey Songz

One of the most influential people in music business of today Trey Songz net worth is said to reach 10 million dollars. Trey Songz whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson is known to the public as an American musician, who is mainly involved into rapping, singing, songwriting and producing. In addition to his music career, Trey Songz is also a beginner in acting, which also adds some revenue to the overall amount of Trey Songz net worth. Trey Songz became known to the public in 2004 and since then he has released 4 studio albums.

His debut album was entitled ‘I Gotta Make It” and it got success immediately. One of his most popular songs entitled “Ready” even got a Grammy Award in 2009. Thus, it is obvious that a rapper is being recognized and appreciated not only by music lovers, but also by critics. However, not everything seems so nice and pleasant in the career of Trey Songz. In 2012, the rapper got involved in a argument with Dave Hester, who is known from the “Storage Wars”. The argument was revolving about the catch phrase “Yuuup”.

Dave Hester was thought to be the originator of this phrase and in a case of acclaiming and proving that, he could be able to get some profit of its usage in lyrics or on merchandise, which of course would reduce Trey Songz net worth by some part. However, Trey Songz did not agree with that saying that he first started using this phrase in 2009, when the “Storage Wars” had not even been broadcasted yet. Trey Songz was involved into rapping and hip-hop music while he was still a kid. When his friends heard him singing, they soon started talking him into choosing crooning rather than rap singing. Trey Songz even went on to a lot of different talent shows and won most of them. Later, he met Troy Taylor when Trey Songz was only 15 years old.

Troy Taylor was a well known producer and he has been working with a lot of stars such as Patti LaBelle or B2K. Thus, being trained and looked after by him was a real comfort for a growing star. However, Troy Taylor told Trey Songz to finish high school first and the producer assured him that after his graduation they could star talking seriously about his music career. Thus, after finishing high school, Trey Songz moved to New Jersey and started collaborating with Troy Taylor who promoted him quite successfully. Meeting with Troy Taylor in some way could be treated as a well planned start for Trey Songz net worth to start growing.


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