Trey Parker net worth

Trey Parker net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About Trey Parker

One of the most influential and successful people in the making and creating cartoons Trey Parker net worth has been announced to reach a huge sum of money, which consists of 300 million dollars. Trey Parker whose real name is Randolph Severn Parker III is known to the public as a filmmaker from America. His movies are popular worldwide. Moreover, the star is also a voice-artist and an actor, which also adds a lot of money to the overall amount of Trey Parker net worth. However, one of his careers which bring the biggest part of the money and revenue to him is the making of cartoons.

Trey Parker is one of the most successful cartoon creators nowadays and his cartoons are loved and watched by millions of people not only in the United States, but everywhere in the world as well. Trey Parker is a creator of such hit cartoons and “South Park” which gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Also, it has to be mentioned that he created this cartoon together with the help of his college year’s buddy named Matt Stone.

Giving some background information about the millionaire, Trey parker was born in Colorado, the United States, in 1969 to his parents named Sharon and Randy Parker. He has an older sister named Shelley. Some readers have already noted a similarity between the characters in the cartoon “South Park” and the members of Trey Parker’s family. However, this is not just a coincidence. Trey Parker named the characters of Stan Marsh’s family according to the real names of his own family members. Moreover, after graduating from high school, Trey Parker enrolled into Colorado University in Boulder and it was this time when he met his future-coworker Matt Stone.

The couple then could not even think about getting so rich some day from doing what they love to do and the star himself probably could not even think about how high Trey Parker net worth is going to be. In 1992, Trey Parker together with Matt Stone wrote their first ever cartoon entitled “Jesus Vs Frosty” which already featured some characters from “South Park” which later brought a lot of revenue to the total amount of Trey Parker net worth. Later, the duo created a following cartoon with almost the same theme as their previous one and they entitled it “Jesus Vs Santa”. All of these short cartoons made a very successful beginning not only to the star’s career, but also it started Trey Parker net worth.


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