Travis Pastrana net worth

Travis Pastrana net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Travis Pastrana

The data announced has shown that Travis Pastrana net worth reaches around 15 million dollars. He is one of the best paid athletes in the race car driving. Born in 1983, Travis Pastrana is known for competing in motorsports, which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Travis Pastrana net worth. He is also known as the winner of many championships. Travis Pastrana received a gold medal in X Games as well as won numerous other events such as motocross, freestyle motocross, supercross and rally races.
Together with some of his friends, he is the host of the show called “Nitro Circus”. In 2011, Travis Pastrana started collaborating with Michael Waltrip who is known as the owner of NASCAR team and together they established Pastrana-Walstrip racing, which brought millions of dollars to Travis Pastrana net worth. Initially, Travis Pastrana himself planned to race in NASCAR. Unfortunately, after the accident he got involved into, his racing in NASCAR was postponed until 2012.

The racer was born in Maryland, the United States. When he enrolled into the University of Maryland, Travis Pastrana became a member in sports and played as a quarterback, the same position as his uncle Alan did from 1965 till 1968. In 2003 when Travis Pastrana was only 19 years old, he got into a horrible accident when his car crashed into a tree in his hometown.
Talking about his winnings, the racer won two motocross championships, one in 2000 and another in 2001. He also was one of the participants in the event Motocross de Nations which was organized in 2000. Travis Pastrana style of motocross racing is well recognized. He is known for being easy to spot on the track due to his ability to create jump combinations and his stand-up style. He has been named one of the most favorite and popular racers in the history of motocross because of his love to fans and dedication to sports.
“Suzuki” motorcycles are the ones with which Travis Pastrana usually races and he is one of the most loyal racers to the brand. As a result, he races for Suzuki team called Team Cernic’s Suzuki. Talking about his sponsorships, Travis Pastrana supports Monster Jam truck which is entitled Pastrana 199. The same number is usually attributed to his motorcycles in racings. Because his father is of Puerto Rico origin, Travis Pastrana immediately got the chance to represent and compete for Puerto Rico in many international races. Thus, he has been doing a great job representing his paternal country which also increases Travis Pastrana net worth immensely.

travis pastrana net worth travis pastrana net worth

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