Tori Spelling net worth

Tori Spelling net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Tori Spelling

One of the biggest names in the cinema industry Tori Spelling net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 15 million dollars which also makes her one of the richest female stars in the business. She has accumulated her net worth through a lot of characters which she portrayed in various films and TV series.
The role which made her well known worldwide was Donna which she portrayed in the TV series called “Beverly Hills 90210”. The TV series were produced by her father Aaron Spelling and it brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Tori Spelling net worth. Moreover, she also appeared on the spin-off TV series of the original version of “Beverly Hills 90210” which were called “90210” and which were broadcasted in 2009.

In addition, Tori Spelling has had a lot of roles in the movies which were made to be broadcasted on television. Such movies include “A Carol Christmas”, “Co-Ed Called Girl”, “A Friend to Die For” and “Trick”. Moreover, the actress also appeared in a lot of TV reality shows and TV series including “T.J. Hooker”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Love Boat” and many others. Her appearances in these TV series added a lot of revenues to the total amount of Tori Spelling net worth.

In addition, she also had her own TV reality show which was created together with her husband Dean McDermott. The TV reality show started from the couple buying bed and breakfast in California. The TV show was called “Tori and Dean: Inn Love” and later it was renamed to “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”.

However, her first reality show which brought a lot of attention was based on her self image in public and the show was entitled “So NoTORIous”. The show aired in 2006 on the VH1 channel. Furthermore, Tori Spelling is planning to release another TV show which is going to be based on her ideas about planning weddings and it is going to be called “sTORIbook Weddings”.

Tori Spelling is also involved in the fashion industry. She has her own jewelry line which is designed by the actress herself and which can be purchased on the Home Shopping Network.
In addition to her being an actress and a fashion designer, Tori Spelling has received a lot of success as a writer. Up to date, she has published three books which gained a lot of acceptance. Thus, it is another source of the overall amount of Tori Spelling net worth.

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