Tony Yayo net worth

Tony Yayo net worth

Net Worth: $7 million

About Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 7 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from Tony Yayo’s involvement into rapping, songwriting and also acting. Born in 1978, Tony Yayo whose real name is Marvin Bernard is also known as G-Unit. The nickname comes from his membership in the hip hop group of the same name, “G-Unit”. The rapper was born in Haiti. A bigger part of his younger years were spent in Jamaica, Queens, and during his young years he befriended with famous people such as 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks. Moreover, the rapper is signed with G-Unit Record Label which is owned by 50 Cent and which produces most of his albums. Furthermore, he recently has signed a deal with EMI which released his second album, which brought more incomes to the overall amount of Tony Yayo net worth. Moreover, Tony Yayo works as CEO in the label G-Unit Philly.

In 2003, the group “G-Unit” together with Tony Yayo released their first album called “Beg for Mercy” in 2003. The album was a huge hit and it received double platinum certification in the United States and the sales of it brought millions of dollars to the total amount of Tony Yayo net worth. One of the most interesting facts about the release of the album was that it was released to the public while Tony Yayo was still serving his time at prison, however he was still featured on the album. The second album of the group was also very successful.

It was entitled “T.O.S.: Terminate of Sight”. During the first weeks of its release, 102 thousand copies of it were sold and it later made the album get a Gold certification with selling around 700 thousand copies of it. The sound of Tony Yayo’s mix tapes implied that Tony Yayo is returning to his street level music, which was quite obvious in his first album called “Thoughts of a Predicate Felon” released in 2005. The single from his second album called “Pass the Patron” featured his longtime friend 50 Cent and the single was very liked in the United States.

Another single from the album called “Haters” featured not only 50 Cent, but also Shawty Lo and Roscoe Dash. The single was very successful with hitting urban songs charts in the United States and finally getting into the Billboard Hip Hop and RnB charts. Thus, Tony Yayo net worth increased a lot because of the release of the single.


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