Tommy Lee net worth

Tommy Lee net worth

Net Worth: $60 million

About Tommy Lee

One of the most popular musicians of all time Tommy Lee net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 60 million dollars. He accumulated his net worth through his involvement into music industry. To the public Tommy Lee is known as a singer, drummer, song writer and DJ. In addition to his career in music business, Tommy Lee net worth also comes from his activities in the cinema industry. He is a well known actor, score composer and film producer.

Born in 1962, Tommy Lee is of Greek, American and Welsh origins. To his family and friends the musician is also known as Thomas Lee Bass. A huge part of his net worth came from his group which he founded by himself called “M”otley Cr”ue”. The band played songs of glam metal genre and travelled to tour all across the world. In addition to founding this group, Tommy Lee also created a band called “Methods of Mayhem” which was known as a metal and rap band. Moreover, he sought for his solo career as well.
In addition, Tommy Lee is recognized and known to many people for his marriages with famous women who include Pamela Anderson, actress Heather Locklear and model Elaine Bergen. Tommy Lee was born in Greece. His mother was a very famous woman in Greece due to her competing in the Miss Greece beauty pageant in 1957. His father was of Welsh origin and served in the US Army. When Tommy Lee was 1 years old, he moved from Greece to California with his family. When his fourth birthday came, he got his first set of drums.
When he became a teenager, Tommy Lee received his first professional drum kit. From that moment he has been enjoying playing drums a lot and this is one of the biggest source of Tommy Lee net worth. Tommy Lee has a younger sister who is also involved in music. She plays drums in her husband’s band called “Scorpions” which is known all around the world.
When Tommy Lee was growing up, he used to listen to records of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss and many more. After listening to Kiss music, his biggest influence became the drummer of the band Peter Criss. His first biggest performance as a drummer was when he became a member in the marching band of his high school. Thus, drumming is something that the musician really enjoys doing and which brings millions of dollars to Tommy Lee net worth.

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