Tom Brady net worth

Tom Brady net worth

Net Worth: $100 million

About Tom Brady

Officially, Tom Brady net worth has been announced to be 100 million dollars. In addition to his net worth, Tom Brady is said to receive 26.5 million dollars for his yearly salary. Tom Brady is an American football quarterback and also a model. Most of Tom Brady net worth has been earned through his three time Super Bowl winning quarterbacks

of the New England Patriots. Brady was born in 1977 in California. The passion for sports was installed in him early in his childhood because his parents were true sports fans.

Because he was growing close to San Francisco area, Tom Brady was a huge fan of 49ers. Tom Brady used to play football when he was in high school. Moreover, he continued to be involved in this branch of sports when he was in his senior year and he was All State. When he finished high school years, Tom Brady decided to enter The University of Michigan. While attending it, in his freshman year he had no time to play football. However, in his last years of studying, Tom Brady started to lay football again and he did it very well, which also led to some growth of Tom Brady net worth. In Michigan’s Orange Bowl victory against Alabama team in 1999, Tom Brady was selected as an instrumental.

In his college years, Tom Brady was selected as a 199th pick by the New England Patriots in the 6th round of 2000 drift, which shows that Tom Brady has come a long way until where he is right now. Tom Brady joined New England Patriots team and was one of the four quarterbacks. Moreover, at that time he played very little in the season. Better years came for him after the year 2001, when he became the leading quarterback of the team and he became the youngest quarterback of all time, who won the Super Bowl when his team defeated the St. Louis Rams. When Tom Brady was 24 years old, he was named Super Bowl MVP, which was a big accomplishment to him and to his overall career.

Also, Tom Brady continued to be the leading quarterback to lead his team for two more Super Bowl Championships. Talking about Tom Brady’s personal life, he has a child together with actress Bridget Moynahan. However, he is now married to Giselle Bundchen, who is a model. Overall, Tom Brady is a really talented football player and Tom Brady net worth is expected to be even higher after several years.


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