Tom Anderson net worth

Tom Anderson net worth

Net Worth: $60 million

About Tom Anderson

One of the most successful entrepreneurs amongst social websites creators Tom Anderson net worth has been said to have an estimate of 60 million dollars. His net worth comes from the incomes which he gets from the social website called Myspace which he developed together with Chris DeWolfe in 2003. Some years later, Tom Anderson became the president of the whole website which meant a huge increase in Tom Anderson net worth. Moreover, he is the one who holds the position of a strategic company’s adviser.

In addition, Tom Anderson’s picture is the default picture of the Myspace account which also increases his popularity. If a person creates an account on Myspace, the first friend in his list is going to be Tom Anderson, which is added automatically and this is how Tom Anderson became a face for the website. The beginning of Myspace started at eUniverse in 2003, where Tom Anderson was working. Together with some other colleagues, the entrepreneur created the first pages of the website and started a new social networking site.

According to the Alexa Top 500 Global Sites list, Myspace held the 85th position in it which made it to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. It also increased the amount of Tom Anderson net worth. However, the main rival for Myspace, Facebook hel the number two position in the list. In addition, the movie called “Funny People” had a cameo appearance of the entrepreneur. Born in Escondido, California, in 1970, Tom Anderson studied in two universities – University of California established in Berkeley and University of California established in Los Angeles. Moreover, when the star was still working at eUniverse, the website Myspace was sold for 35 million dollars to Specific Media.

In addition, Specific Media got 5 percent stake, and also one of the most popular stars in the entertainment industry Justin Timberlake got a mini stake from the deal. In 2006, Myspace was acknowledged as the most popular social network website in the United States. The same title was given to it in the years 2007 and 2008. However, in the another half of 2008, Facebook beat Myspace. As it was announced, a lot of visitors from Myspace deleted their accounts and created the new ones on Facebook. It affected Tom Anderson net worth but not to the maximum. He is still considered to be one of the richest founders of internet websites.


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